52 (Give or Take) Ideas

How are you doing with your plans for 2016?  As we settle into the year I have found that some things I was so gung-ho on doing have fallen by the wayside. (My idea of running during lunchtime has stopped- somewhat due to the blizzard but any excuse is always welcomed!)  I find that I need to have smaller more frequent goals, ones that I can easily achieve which in turn become the foundation for healthy change and healthy living.

So in that spirit I offer to you 52 ideas (an idea a week) -some new and some old.  All are reminders that small changes can lead to heathy living. As we are starting in February, there are 5 extra items to mix and match throughout the year. If you want, copy and print out the list and keep in your calendar or on your refrigerator as a weekly reminder. Hopefully this list will incentivize you to work on something small each week. If not those listed below than perhaps these suggestions might spark some other idea for you:

  1. Eliminate drinking soda this week
  2. Incorporate one new veggie or fruit into your diet
  3. Plan your meals for the week
  4. Use a smaller size plate for your dinner this week (don't go back for seconds or thirds) 
  5. Drink 8 x 8oz glasses of water each day.  If you need some flavor, add slice of orange, lemon, lime or a splash of juice
  6. Eliminate desserts this week
  7. Sit down for your entire dinner this week.  Set the table, light a candle and dine.  Whether by yourself or with your family- enjoy not rushing through dinner.
  8. Start lettuce seeds, spinach seeds or other greens indoors
  9. Walk for ten more minutes each day (or start walking ten minutes) 
  10. Sign up for an exercise class
  11. Get up and move away from your desk (try marching in place for a minute) every 60 minutes
  12. Do sit ups during commercial breaks
  13. Get to bed earlier this week (by an hour or half-hour)
  14. Take your daily shower before going to bed (give yourself a little extra time in the morning as well as wash away any daily allergens)
  15. Remove electronic devices from the bedroom (put your cell phone, laptop in another room)
  16. Eliminate alcohol this week (no glass of wine with dinner, beer or nightcap)
  17. Limit caffeine this week- switch one of your cups of joe to herbal tea
  18. Visit your local library
  19. Read 1 book this week instead of watching TV
  20. Complete a crossword puzzle (or one or two levels of a word game app)
  21. Color in an adult coloring book (pick one up in a supermarket or craft store) 
  22. Say no to requests this week (say you are temporarily on hiatus)
  23. Write out goals for the year (or the remainder of the year)
  24. Keep a bouquet of fresh flowers by your bed or on your desk this week
  25. Do something for a colleague- bring them a cup of coffee or tea, drop off a funny card on their desk
  26. Surprise a loved one with a favorite meal, meaningful note or "just because" gift
  27. Become an organ donor or a bone marrow donor or sign up to donate blood
  28. Write out a budget- include a savings plan
  29. Only spend $ on essentials this week- food, housing, transport to work, contribution to church/place of worship
  30. Donate to your favorite charity
  31. Go window shopping.  Create an outfit that appeals to you but do not purchase.
  32. Write out your will: include living will, power of attorney, etc. 
  33. Go through your coat closet- dry clean what needs it, eliminate unmatched gloves, unflattering hats, scarves never worn
  34. Sort through dresser drawers- do one drawer a night.  Eliminate ripped, stretched out, stained, non-fitting clothing
  35. Sort through kitchen drawers- one drawer a day.  Eliminate items that haven't been used or will probably never be used
  36. Go through garage and/or basement- get rid of things that  you haven’t used in a while or are broken or are unrealistic projects
  37. Plan for a yard sale- sell household items that no longer want/need.  Go in with the neighbors for a bigger turnout
  38. Get ready for your next day, the night before (clothes laid out, lunches packed, bags by the door)
  39. Go through linen closet- donate old towels and blankets to your local animal shelter
  40. Write in a gratitude journal each day
  41. Find a Bible study plan
  42. Commit to reading/listening to Bible each day
  43. Go to place of worship this week
  44. Pray for five minutes each day
  45. Find out information about volunteering in an area of interest
  46. Take a gift inventory- discover your strengths and abilities
  47. Plan for a retreat (commit to 1 hour or 1/2 a day or weekend)
  48. Write a note to a person who had an impact in your life- thank them for their love and support
  49. Plan out your funeral- any favorite hymns, songs, poems, Bible verses
  50. Practice random acts of kindness (hand out gift cards to a local coffee shop to road repair workers, trash collectors, rest room attendant)
  51. Do something nice for your neighbor- shovel their walk, mow their lawn, drop off a bouquet of garden flowers
  52. Sit outside for ten minutes- enjoy the sights and sounds of nature