Over the weekend I heard an interesting podcast about the Irish aviatrix Lilian Bland (1878-1971) Ms. Bland was an extremely bright, independent and energetic young woman.  By all accounts, whatever she put her mind to do, she was extremely accomplished: photo journalist, equestrian, marksman, car driver, aeronautical engineer and an aviator.  All this in the beginning of the 20th century.  While Amelia Earhart was just a pubescent, Ms. Bland was designing and experimenting with building her own airplane. 

Lilian Bland in her self-built plane- The Mayfly.  Image found:

Lilian Bland in her self-built plane- The Mayfly.  Image found:

What I love about her story is her pluck and determination.  She carried on doing what she felt called to do regardless of the norms of the day.  She contributed much to aeronautics but I think, her major contribution to society was being an original. 

Even the play on words of her plane, "Mayfly" is an example of her humor, her humility and her hutzpah.  By all accounts, her letters and articles to Flight magazine were accepted and admired. It doesn't appear that she was patronized, nor does it seem that she was demanding and militant in her role as a woman.   She may have felt such a struggle in her work but in hearing her story I get the impression that if she did, she was more interested in achieving an outcome than by worrying about a difficult process.

I find her story very encouraging. If I feel called and compelled to do something, I should just carry on.  Not worry about what others think, nor get bogged down with a struggle during the process.  Just focus on the outcome I would like to achieve.

What about you?  Do you have any dreams or callings?  Are society norms or expectations of others holding you back? 

Try taking a page out of Ms. Bland's book of life-  whatever you want to achieve, "may" or "may not" get off the ground but you have to try.