What Is On Your Kitchen Counter?

A couple of years ago I was attending a professional conference.  One of the speakers was Dr. Brian Wansink the director and researcher at Cornell University Food and Brand Lab.  He and his colleagues study the behavioral science of eating behavior, behavior economics and behavior change.  His research is fascinating and once explained, makes sense. Click here to read about their exciting discoveries.

The "ideal' setting on our kitchen counter. 

The "ideal' setting on our kitchen counter. 

One thing they discovered is that the people who kept a  bowl of fruit on their kitchen counter were likely to be eight  pounds lighter than their neighbors.  Not to say that the bowl was warding off the poundage or that it was a talisman for ideal weight.  The bowl of fruit was a reminder to eat a healthy choice.  They also suggest that snacks should be kept on a low shelf (out of line of vision, out of mind) in the pantry.  “It’s your basic See-Food Diet – you eat what you see”, says Dr. Wansink.

To me it is a reminder of how mindless we (or at least I am) are in eating.  Seems as if there is any bowl of anything on the counter I will eat it.  Of course, eating from the bowl is better than eating from the bag or box but it is mindless nonetheless.  I do find that many times I reach for a snack when I really am just thirsty.  Dr. Wansink's mantra is to make the healthy choice the easy choice.  He suggests when choosing the healthy choice to make it Convenient, Attractive and Normal.  (CAN)

How is your kitchen?  Do you make the healthy choice the easy choice?  For you, your family, your friends?  What small step can you do to make over your eating habits?  Check out the Cornell website  for simple ways to change your eating habits.