Green Lights

There is a road by my town that, rumor has it, if you traverse the speed limit- 30 mph- you will get all the green lights.  In addition, if you travel any multiple of 30, you also will get the green lights; e.g. 60 mph, 90 mph.  The theory supposedly was tested out by a gentleman I once knew. It was he that told me about it.  Of course, one might get green lights with faster speeds, but one will most assuredly get a speeding ticket.  

I was thinking about green lights the other day because on the commute to my father's house, there are a lot of traffic lights.  As is always the case, when I am running late I seem to get every red light.  Only once have I gotten six green lights in a row, which then had me watching my speed. The passage through of green lights did seem to occur when I was maintaining the speed limit.  Perhaps my long ago friend was right.  His theory applied not just to that one street but at least to the one on which I was traveling. 

There is some connection between green and red lights with good and bad occurrences.   It seems as if red lights are connoted with negativity.  "I got ALL the red lights on my way here," we whine.  It is as if the universe is conspiring against us and the proof is through the traffic light.  And, it seems as if there are more red lights, more opportunities to have to sit and wait than not.  We have come to expect that at every traffic light intersection, we will be delayed at the light. 

Even when we get a green light, we are surprised.  "Clean living paying off," my husband will tease if we come upon that elusive green light.  Why do we respond that way?  Shouldn't we expect green lights all the time?  Shouldn't it be equal- the amount of green to red lights? 

I wonder if we should change our expectations?  From now on, we should expect the green lights on our travels.  We could plan our time for red light (no rushing or going over the speed limit) but hope and expect smooth sailing.  If it is true with the lights that going the suggested speed gives one through and thorough access, I wonder if there is any application to our own life?   Should we be paying attention to how we do things, doing it the "proper" way to eliminate some problems in our life?  I think of the adage everything in its place.  Certainly when I am organized in my home I do have more time to do things because I am not bogged down with finding the right tool or item. For example, when I am organized with the placement of car keys (few and far between I must confess) then I am not wasting time trying to find the bloomin' keys. 

And in our change of expectations, I wonder if we should redefine the burden of the red light? If for some reason we do get a red light, we should not look at it as a bother but be grateful for the stoppage time.  We can view that time for preparation for the next thing that we have to do for home, work, or family. We can pray for the people that we see passing us in cars.   We can think about what we have to say at the business meeting, the company email or the plan for the household project. We can take a deep breath and view the world around us.

What about you?  Have you ever noticed the red and green lights and the percentage of each you get at intersections?  Do you see it as a positive and negative or just how it is?  Do you find that if you are doing the proper thing (e.g. going the speed limit), things work out (e.g. get a green light)?  Or does it matter- you will always get a red light?  What kind of attitude do you portray when you get a "green" light in life?  When you get "red lights"? 

In 2017  I will try to expect only green lights- for me, my family, my friends and loved ones.  I like the positivity of that.