Reveling in Authenticity

Have you ever wondered why people do the darndest things when they are on vacation?  Or at least things that seem so surprising.  I remember hearing that acquaintances of ours bought a car.  At the time I thought why spend your vacation time doing something that could be done during "regular" hours, but then I realized that their scheduled vacation was the only time both parents were together to make a mutual decision.  

How many people will try dare devil activities during a holiday- bungie jumping, para-sailing or karaoke?  Practice risky behavior- hooking up with strangers, binge drinking or over indulging in food?  Over spend budgets- purchase clothes, touristy items, or personal services that they wouldn't do or even think about if they were home? 

I've been thinking about this recently.  Why, when we are out of our "natural elements" do we do different things?  Is it the same rationale for those who like to dress up for Halloween or who like masked balls?  Do we all wish we had a different persona?  Do we feel a freedom in community anonymity or a freedom in the new and of not having to conform to the usual? To feel that no one in the vacation place knows who we are, our responsibilities, our reputations, etc. and therefore have no expectations? 

I know that many days I wish I were someone else- a gentler, wiser, nicer, more attractive self.  I am not wanting to be a masked person or one that is different from my core being but rather a clearer version of myself.  I guess I am striving to be the person God is shaping me to be. 

Yet, shouldn't I try to always be that type of person?  Shouldn't I feel comfortable being authentic wherever I find myself?  Why should I let a different venue give me permission to be brave in my behavior and decisions?  

I think I will try and live each day as if I were on holiday.  To live each day as if the lens is becoming clearer on my true self.  

What about you?  What types of things have you done of vacation that you might never do at home? Do you ever wish you were a different person?  What does he/she look like?  What is your authentic self?