If You Have the Time.... Do It

I know that I have written about time management in many posts.  But it seems to be a topic that all of us need reminding.  Or rather, a reminder for me. As is typical of life, situations have occurred which underscore the adage, "practice what you preach"!

When I first started in my nursing career, I learned pretty quickly that if there was time to do something "extra"  in my duties, e.g. straightening up a patient's room where medical supplies were kept, then do it right then.  If not, some crisis or urgent matter would soon occur and that opportunity would be lost. 

In my home life I have had similar situations.  If there is time and opportunity to work on a home project, I need to do it.  If not, then it seems as if I will never get back to it.  One day I had some time to work on a simple fixing of a kitchen screen. (Remove the molding around the wood, pull the screen a little tighter., staple in place,reattach the molding and touch up paint on the molding strip.)  Not a big deal. I just didn't feel like doing that project then.  No apparent reason.  I had all the materials and tools I needed.  I had the time and I knew what to do. I just didn't do it.  That was three years ago.  

I have done it with relationships.  Times when all I needed to do was to send a card, an email or a quick phone call.   And I didn't do it.  I just didn't feel like it.  The opportunity of building or cementing a relationship was lost and it is difficult to capture that time again.  

It has happened with my work schedule.  In this new endeavor of writing my time is spent differently than my previous 9-5 job.  I still have a schedule for writing and gathering information and research, but there is some internal and external flexibility.  However, just when I think I have some "extra" time it is quickly taken by urgent demands of family.  

I think of all the time I have wasted.  Sure, I do not think time with others in relationship is wasted but I have wasted it in other ways- "research" on internet, youtube videos, etc.

 I could've been using my time more wisely and judiciously.  

Past history that it is, I should've realized that I always get pulled into situations that will take me from what I am currently doing and I need to be prepared for that.

I would've been prepared for the distractions if I would've done what I intended at the time when it occurred.

Just like I am kicking myself for not saving more money (see post Finances 101- February 22, 2017) I am kicking myself for not using my time more wisely, for not doing what I intended to do and getting waylaid with frivolous, non-productive work.   

What about you?  Do you ever feel that you have missed opportunities?  Times when you could've, should've, would've done things but you didn't?  And now,  you can't go back? What have you learned? Acceptance of things not done?  Guilt over those things hanging over your head?  Plans to change that behavior? 

I need to (re)learn- if there is time to do something...do it.