Easter Ending

Do you read the end of the book first?  

When I am in the middle of a good novel, I sometimes (ok. I admit it. almost always) will read the final pages.  It doesn't spoil any surprise for me.  I guess I do it so that I won't receive any unexpected surprises in my read.  Looking back  I think it stems from my childhood.  I was enthralled with Louisa May Alcott's characters in Little Women, Little Men and Jo's Boys.   As all young romantics I wanted Jo to marry Laurie.  I had asked one of my older sisters if that was the case.  In typical sibling fashion she didn't want to tell me and after much pestering she said yes.  (You can see the scene- older, teenaged girl wanting to get rid of the pesky little squirt, so she is told what she wanted to hear.)   Boy was I surprised and shocked when Laurie married Beth. *****

As a life long Christ follower I have experienced many Holy Weeks and Easters.  Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday are somber and reflective days. Time to ponder and think about the sacrifice of Christ, what that means to our lives, how we live those lives and how we can commit to honor Him. 

But I have trouble being that somber.  For I know the rest of the story.  Jesus is not buried in the tomb.  There is no grave marker to visit.  Jesus is ALIVE.  He conquered death in order for those who believe in Him to live eternal lives with the Creator.  To live as God intended us to live in the first place- choosing Him, living a life that honors him and eventually living a life of eternal praise and worship.  

In this case, because I know the rest of the story it does impact the "story of my life": loving God and loving others. Certainly there are surprises along the way.  Situations, experiences and people that change and shape the direction of the plot yet I know the final scene.  It gives me great comfort and great assurance. 

What about you?  Do you read the back of the novel first?  How does that impact your experience in reading the book?  

If you don't know Christ, what do you need to make His acquaintance?  If you knew that you were going to Heaven when you died,  how would that change the way you currently live? 

I would encourage you to visit a local church this Easter.  Generally churches are pretty full on Easter so if you are shy about going, it would be easy to slip in and just experience the service.

Try it.  Read the final pages first.  Happy Easter this Sunday. 

***** Correction:  Pointed out by one of my faithful readers and dearest friend.  Laurie married Amy (the spoiled youngest).  Beth was the one who died from scarlet fever (I had thought it was consumption).  Obviously my remembering skills are lacking!

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