W@TW: Hope Blooms

We have had a span of cloudy, rainy and generally grey days this last week. While the weather may suit my mood it certainly does nothing for helping me improve it.

Greening just beginning...

Greening just beginning...

But "physician heal thyself".  I took my own advice: get moving, get out in nature and witness something beyond myself.  I took a run and on my returning into the house I glanced at our front garden.  We have a little garden along the front sidewalk that contains hydrangeas and roses. I peeked at the hydrangeas and some green shoots were emerging!  Every year I am amazed at the reemergence of life on dormant branches.  Life and growth never ceases to amaze me.

On a recent dog walk, I found a broken off brown and gnarly branch in the middle of the sidewalk.  It contained a fair amount of buds and I wondered if I could force them open (like you can do with pussy willow and forsythia) so I cut the branches up into a "bouquet".  This morning I noticed the flowers were beginning to emerge! The thought that this found broken and discarded branch could produce something beautiful inspires me.  It reminds me that things I think are broken may be potential for something else that has yet to be pursued.  The "broken" item might just need a different environment to thrive. 


What these early signs of spring remind me is that:

  1. Life goes on regardless of how we feel.
  2. There is potential even in those things that seem broken and used up.
  3. There is hope in this world.
  4. God loves to show us little things to remind us that He cares about all things in our lives- big and small. 
  5. Bleakness doesn't have to be a constant companion.
  6. When feeling blue, try and observe one thing in nature.

What about you?  What gives you hope?  What have you witnessed lately in the natural world around you?  Have you ever tried forcing the blooms of pussy willow or forsythia?  Is there a situation in your life that seems broken?  Is it only dormant or static and needs a different environment? 

I believe God gave us the natural world for many reasons.  One being that it is a visual reminder of His provision and goodness and care.