Inspiring Words

Have you ever had a book really resonate with you?  Did the characters speak to your soul?  Could you identify with them?  Did they inspire you to live differently?

Mrs. Pollifax.jpg

I heard a story last week of a woman who was inspired to live her dreams- all because of an eighty-year old book character.  In the book, "The Unexpected Mrs. Pollifax", the main character is in existential despair and so she decides to embark on a career that she always wanted to do- work for the CIA.  A fun and entertaining story, Mrs. Pollifax meets ageism head on and inspires one to follow one' s dreams and to make a difference at whatever stage of life.  I remember reading the book years ago and enjoying it.  However, I was surprised when I heard a woman say that book inspired her to go to medical school when she was in her late thirties/forties and raising two children.  She says that she carried that book with her all the time to inspire and encourage her. (Click here to read the Aha Moment.)

Wow.  The power of the written word.

A movie version of the beloved classic, "A Wrinkle in Time", opened in theaters on Friday. I remember reading that book as a child and loving it.  As an adult I discovered Madeleine L'Engle's other work. (Click here to see all the titles.)  In fact, she is one author who inspires me.  (My pen name is an homage to her.  Her pen name was her first and middle name as is mine.)  I am looking forward to seeing this new version.  From what I have seen of the trailers it seems that while some things may have been changed, the essence of the story has remained.

I think one of the reasons books are so powerful is that words convey truth. They inspire and plant ideas and new ways of looking at our life.  When we seen how characters respond to various situations, we can determine if that is how we want to live our life.  Madeleine L'Engle talks about truth in story. She says that while not all (of the) story is true, there is a truth in the story.   I think that is the reason we connect with certain stories; its truth speaks to a truth within us. 

What about you?  What books inspire you?  What types of characters?  What books were meaningful to you as a child?  Does it still resonate with you? Have you had a book speak to you at a certain point in your life and then years later wondered what it was all about?