Not Watching Our Weight

A couple of Sunday's ago in the New York Times there was an interesting op ed piece by Jennifer Weiner.  She was talking about America's view on women aging specifically noting Carrie Fisher and her role in the new Star Wars and the comments she received about her weight or rather, losing weight for the role.  Then Ms. Weiner continued to talk about Weight Watchers and Oprah Winfrey's financial and personal interest in the company. 

Ms. Weiner makes a good point about individuals needing to feel comfortable about themselves. She feels that there should be a point in a woman's life when enough is enough; a woman shouldn't have to feel pressured to being young and thin.  Her point being that perhaps we should invest our time in practical change as in helping others or worthy charities rather than in the quest for the impossible- trying to revert the tide of aging. 

Yet I think she might be casting too glaring a light on this double standard for women.  Yes, we should stop focusing on the minutia of ourselves- the weight numbers. However, it is important to be healthy. I know too many people who think aging means forgetting about good eating and movement, things that are just basic. If the weight watchers ads are to be believed they are now focusing on physical movement and healthy eating.  Weight loss should not be the primary goal but rather a natural by-product.   

I do believe that.  If we are to have long term life-long change especially regarding our weight, we need to come to some understanding with food and with our bodies. We cannot be so focused on the poundage.  I think we can strike a balance between being healthy but not being a slave to achieving it.  That doesn't mean that we are still obsessed with the youth and beauty dream.  I think that means that we have matured.

What about you?  Are you struggling with weight issues?  What has been your focus?  What does healthy look like for you?