Come Through

"Come through".  

In watching British television I have noticed that this seems to be a refrain in British shows when a host/hostess welcomes a visitor into his/her home.  The host/hostess will receive the visitor and say, "Come through" and then proceed to usher the visitor through the entrance way to another room in the home.  

I wish we lived in a "come through" house.  Alas we do not.  We live in a very nice but small and humble abode.  When you come through our front door, you are immediately placed in the living room. There is no transition, no chance to collect yourself, collect the visitor's coat, etc.  

"Come through" seems to indicate that one has to travel through from one place to another.  While it may be brief, there is a change that occurs.  Coming through from one room to another has implications that things may be different in the new space.  There are possibilities in the come through.  But you just cannot immediately get there from just coming through the front doorframe.  You have to traverse through another space.

I love the idea of "come through" in our lives.  It has occurred to me that each of us experience situations, difficulties and trials that require us to "come through".  Try that we may, there is only one way to go and that is through.  Sometimes we  have to traverse through grief, disappointment, forgiveness, anger or frustration in order to get to a new place of contentment, acceptance, or even joy.   

I know that there are times lately when I wish I could just get to the new place of acceptance without traversing through any struggle.  But that would negate any lessons learned and would probably not be sustainable. It is through those struggles that I finally "get it" and understand more of the world around me. 

It reminds me of the children's song "We're going on a bear (or lion) hunt".  The chorus says: 

"We can't go over it. 
We can't go under it. 
Oh no! 
We've got to go through it!"

What about you?  Are you going through something?  Or are you avoiding something?  What do you need to help you go through?   Can you help someone else "come through"?