General Recall

Our family loves flags.  We have a small flag pole attached to our deck and depending upon the season will fly a flag representative of what is happening in our world.  When the boys are home, their respective college flags wave. (Like the Queen in residence at Buckingham Palace) When the Scots were voting for independence, our St. Andrews Cross was seen and when we are in need of grace, we fly the General Recall flag.

Years ago my husband saw a collection of nautical racing flags at an old junk shop.  He debated purchasing them and in the end didn't, much to his regret over the years.  Last year I was in a nautical salvage shop and found a bunch of old flags.  I picked out one that I thought would look nice from our halyards.  Not knowing what it was, my husband informed me that it was the general recall flag used in sailing regattas.  "If so many boats are over early that the committee boat (monitoring the race) cannot detect them all, it raises the 'first substitute' or 'general recall' flag.  This abandons the start."  It is suggested that the committee boat try and fix the problem that caused the boats to be over the line early.  When ready for a new start, the committee boat will make 1 sound, lower the flag, wait one minute and proceed with a new start sequence. The race can begin again.

On days when we feel that we need a restart, we fly the flag.  It seems as if we are flying the flag more and more.

General Recall Flag

General Recall Flag

But that is not such a bad thing.  It reminds me to demonstrate grace:  Grace to myself, to my family and to others. 

I need a general recall when I am frustrated with my work.  I sometimes have to stop, assess what I am doing, make adjustments and then proceed.  Many times the new plan is much better than what I initially intended. 

I need a general recall when I am frustrated with a family member.  Most times it is not due to the member but due to me.  I need to stop, assess what I am doing (or how I am perceiving the situation), make adjustments (usually in my attitude) and then proceed.

I need a general recall when I am frustrated with others- whether those with whom I am working or those whom I pass on the street.  I need to stop and not be so quick to judge.  I need to remember to extend grace to them.  Perhaps they need a restart to their day?  To their life?

What about you?  Do you fly the general recall flag? If so, when?

We all need a restart every now and then.