A World Series Miracle

There is more than one miracle that is happening in the 2016 World Series.  There is a little known miracle of the singer who almost lost his voice. 

Wayne Messmer is a professional singer, motivational speaker, author, actor and business man. He almost exclusively sings the national anthem for the Chicago teams:  Cubs, Bulls, Blackhawks, Bears, Wolves.  

One night as he was in his car leaving from a gathering after a Blackhawks game a teenager approached his vehicle and shot him in the throat.  As he says many miracles happened that night.  One being that the tie went into the bullet hole so it in essence worked as a pressure dressing.  The tie? A "save the children" logo fund-raising one. 

The other miracle from this encounter was in his ability to forgive the young man who put him in deep peril, jeopardized his livelihood and caused much physical pain. Mr. Messmer visited the teenager while the teen was in prison. He wanted to let him know that he forgave him.  That action helped Mr. Messmer heal in so many ways. 

Mr. Messmer recovered from his injuries.  In less than seven months after the shooting, he was back on the stage singing the national anthem.  He has continued singing the anthem in the twenty plus intervening years. By his account he has sung the anthem over 5,000 times.  Possibly a record.

I just love the story of forgiveness and restoration.  At that moment that Mr. Messmer was shot, he encountered possible death and destruction.  He could've been completely devastated by his circumstances even with his voice recovery.  He could've harbored resentment, bitterness, or hatred.  But he choose to forgive and move on.  I do believe his choosing to forgive aided in his healing. 

What about you?  Do you have resentment or bitterness in your life?  Is it "justified", caused by another?  Can you make the conscious effort to forgive?  If you are not ready for a face to face encounter with that person, can you forgive him/her in your heart?  

Is that person, yourself? Have you done something that you think is unforgivable?  Was it done to another?   Can you approach that person and ask for forgiveness?  Can you forgive yourself? 

In some ways when Mr. Messmer approached that teen to tell him he forgave him, Mr. Messmer wasn't so much looking for a response from the teen.  It was more of something that Mr. Messmer needed to do for himself. 

What do you choose?  Destruction and devastation or forgiveness and a future? 

The thing about this year's World Series- which ever team wins, it will be a miracle.

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