This past weekend we watched the 2015 movie Burnt starring Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller.  We had wanted to watch it for a while and so finally did.  I guess with so many things the anticipation is greater than the actuality.  While I enjoyed it, it wasn't quite what I expected.  The story line was predictable and kind of slow yet it had some good points. 

It is the comeback story of Chef Adam Jones.  A chef who had it all but lost it due to his own choices.  It is a redemption story yet lacks the how, why and what of the cause for loss and reason for the turn around.  But through it all there runs the theme of going it alone versus team work.  The bottom line, in life It is all about the team, or the family, or the business -whatever you want to call your collective- cooperatively working together.  

I think that is one of those truths we know but we truly do not grasp.  I know that I am stubbornly independent which it not good at times.  I have a tendency to be like the little red hen that if no one is going to help or help in the way I want, I will just do it myself.  The fable of the little red hen is just that- a fable.  But I think it speaks to how many of us feel.  We say to ourselves:  Fine, we will just do it ourselves. We don't need anyone else. I can just pull myself up by my own bootstraps.  If I just work harder and smarter than anyone else I will achieve what I want. No one else will do it the way it needs to be done, so I need to do it...  

Yesterday the sermon at church talked about our gifts and how we are called to use them for God's glory and to benefit others.  The thing is, we are called to use and "give" our gifts to others but we also need to receive the gifts of others.  No one can do everything.  Even if we had all the resources in our personalities, abilities and lives, if we try to do it all we will get burnt out.  We know that we don't have it all. We need each other to fill in and complete that what is lacking in ourselves. It is through the collective that we are truly whole. 

What about you?  Do you try to do it all?  Do you suffer from the little red hen syndrome?  How are you at sharing your gifts and talents?  How are you at receiving from others?   Do you feel burnt?  What would it take to heal?  Do you have a redemption story?