Sensitive Eyes

A while back I was in the eye doctor's office and I overheard another waiting patient say, " I can't look at that.  I have sensitive eyes."

Under my breath I did one of those guffaws.  You know the type when something you heard strikes you as funny.  Generally it is not funny to the person who said it.  In this case, the speaker must have heard my snort and looked over at me with a glare. 

I know the person was saying it in context of physically looking at something- like a bright light but I took it to mean more like a sensitive soul. I was imagining a bad theater production where the speaker would gesture with a hand thrust forward like stopping a car, "Oh no" she would declare, shaking her head and tossing behind her in a gesture of resisting temptation, " I couldn't possibly look at that.  I have sensitive eyes." 

In that context what would constitute sensitive eyes?  Things that harm our soul?  Pictures of violence, hatred, discord? Pictures of broken bones, shattered lives, crippled limbs?  Should we close our eyes to that or should we be outraged? 

I think of sensitive eyes as being in tune and watchful.  If I have sensitive eyes do I look upon others with compassion?  With understanding?  With love?  Do the upsetting things spur me to take action?  Can I see the good among the bad?  

May God give me sensitive eyes.  

What about you?  What type of eyes do you have?