In this Day and Age

This past week I heard another story on the radio about women and the difficulty of their lives.  The thought came to mind that in this day and age it is still unbelievable that we have racism, sexism, and poor treatment of others.  For all our accomplishments as humans, we still hear story upon story of age-old problems: hunger, disease, warfare, hatred, discrimination, and domination.  As a species, have we learned anything? 

But then I thought, why does it have to be the negative?  Why cannot we say, "in this day and age.." of things that are positive?  In this day and age, can you believe that we can talk to someone across the world?  In this day and age, can you believe that surgeons can stop a heart and replace it with another?  In this day and age, can you believe we can open a metal box and find something to eat?  For the general population we no longer have to spend most of our days hunting, foraging, sowing and harvesting.  For many of us we do not have to worry about shelter, food and our immediate survival. 

If we have advanced beyond the basics, are we improving the lives of others?  Are we moving beyond a day to day existence to something more?  

I am reminded of the Biblical story of Esther.  She was the only one in a position to save the lives of her people. As her uncle reminds her, she was born for such a time as this.  The question becomes in this day and age and in this time and place, am I helping to improve the lives of others?  

I think all of us are born for such a time as this.  For whatever reason, and it is partly our responsibility to figure out our purpose, we are born into our set of circumstances: family, time, place, temperament, gifts and graces. I am living in this day and age.  The next question becomes, how am I living it? For the improvement of myself and others or as a repetition of the same old human condition?

What about you? Have you ever felt that you were born for such a time as this?  Or do you feel that you are a pawn in the game of life and that you don't have much say in the matter?  I believe while we cannot change some of the basic facts of our place and time of birth, we can choose to embrace and improve the situations we find ourselves. 

In this day and age we can choose to focus on the positive and the improvement of the day and age.