Go Ahead. Name It.

Wednesday I talked about the concept of appreciative inquiry; recognizing one's strengths, building on those strengths and going forward in life.  And as much time as I have ruminated on this idea I need to actually do it- I need to go ahead and name it. 

Today, I am going to take time to put pen to paper (or type to the computer screen) and list out my strengths.  If you have trouble naming characteristics you might want to check out various websites and complete the different psychological tests.  Or, just read some of the descriptions to give you some context and descriptions.

Be completely honest with yourself.  This is not the time for false pride nor for a "aw shucks" false humility. Think about the complements that you have received over the years.  Sometimes we don't see our strengths but others do.  If it is hard to get started, think of yourself in smaller terms:

  • Mind-  What type of learning do you like?  Are you a numbers person or do you need to see things through pictures? 
  • Body-  What area of your physical features do you like?  Your hair, your eyes, etc.?
  • Soul- What areas bring you joy? What activities make you lose your sense of time because you are so enthralled? 
  • Work- In what kind of environment do you thrive?  Working in groups, individually, structured, free-form?  Working indoors, outdoors, on the road? 
  • Relational- Do you get energy from being with people or being by yourself?  Do you love to entertain?  Are you better communicating verbally or on "paper"? 

Knowing my nature, I will probably resort back to some type of self-improvement even with those items identified as strengths as I am always leaving room for improvement.  Yet, I do want to concentrate on the strengths first.  For instance, I have discovered what my strengths are in my writing and I am only going to concentrate on that for now.  I'll be interested to see how far I journey with that.

What about you?  Do you know your strengths? If not, will you go ahead and name it?