Sick List

One thing about being sick is that you are forced to be still.  It seems as if all I have done these last three days is sleep.  When I am awake I can't focus on anything- no reading, no watching television, nothing.  Only today have I had enough energy to move around the house.  It did occur to me some possible reasons why I got sick and what I can do in the future to prevent it. I list them below as a reminder to myself and as an encouragement to you to not get in the same boat. 

1) Get enough sleep.  I certainly wasn't getting my required 8 hours of winks a night.  Most of that stems from our two, four-footed creatures who decide that the middle of the night is the best time to bark at the passing foxes outside.

2) Get outside for exercise.  With all the running back and forth to my father's house I haven't been outside like I normally am.  Plus, the afternoon walk for me and my four-footed creatures would ensure that they would be tired and would sleep through the night and therefore I would too.

3) Reduce stress.  Ah, the rub.  Easily stated, difficult to execute. I have looked over the list of responsibilities that I have for the next six months.  Some things are short-lived while others will be ongoing.  I have realized that I cannot take on any more, even if it is something as simple as baking brownies for a meeting.  That simple action becomes just one more thing in a list of too many things. The proverbial straw that breaks the camels back. Of course, there are projects and people that I want to help but for the majority of things I need to say no for right now. 

4) Stop being the little red hen.  There are situations in my life when, I don't receive help from those who I think should help me, I become like the little red hen.  I will handle it all myself.  And then I get annoyed, upset and looking for reasons to get even angrier at the ones who are not helping.  In not being the little red hen, I am going to try and ask for help.  Or at least state what needs to be done and then let the chips fall where they may.  The work might get done, perhaps not the way I thought it should originally be done but if it gets done, then so be it.  The work might not get done either and then I need to let things happen as such. 

The thing is, most times I practice good habits.  Usually I get enough sleep, exercise and have a good diet.  It is the stress that gets me every time.  Stress affects each of us differently. Regardless on the cause and the effects, stress is one of those insidious situations that sneak up on us.  We go along fine, thinking we are handling our situation when out of the blue, we get sick, or have tooth problems, or stomach issues, or insomnia.  When I feel under stress I like to list the responsibilities that I have to do and that I want to do.  Are there things that can be put off in order to stretch out the responsibilities?  I am learning to be more clear with my family and friends of the things I can and cannot do.  It still can be difficult.  Some people, on hearing that you cannot do something today will decide that you meant forever and will be miffed.  I am learning that I can only be clear with what I say.  I cannot ensure that the hearer is clear too. 

What about you? What would you add to the above list- things that you know if you do not practice you will end up sick and in bed.  How do you deal with stress?  Do you keep it at bay? Do you feel that your life is overrun by stress? What small changes can you make to lessen the stress? Are there things you can put off, say for the next six months? 

 What would your sick list be?