What is Your Introduction?

Recently I was attending a lecture where the introduction to the speaker was phenomenal. The list went on and on.  He had accomplished much and was involved with much. The things that he had done were recognized through a litany of organizations or multiple degrees.  Immediately I thought, "Gosh, if they introduced me it would be quite short.

It seems as if we are impressed with those long litanies. But I also thought of those people who might not have the fancy degrees or the  involvement with the "right" organizations.  What about those whose degree is through the school of hard knocks or who are the unsung heroes of their families?  Those who respond to a multitude of simultaneous crises with superhuman endurance and humility.   How do you introduce someone who is volunteer extraordinaire but with many organizations? Someone who works a little with everyone who asks, yet never completes the thousands of hours in one position for a grand citizen award.   How do you introduce someone who is practical, has great common sense, looks out for other's best interest or who is the best listener? 

How do you introduce all the truly extra-ordinary, ordinary people?

It made me think of my life and accomplishments or lack thereof.  Do I just need to market myself better? Or do I need to just accept that in the world's eyes I have not done anything special or at least anything that can be quantified or labelled? 

How do I treat others? Do I expect them to be introduced with a series of recognizable accomplishments?   Does my reaction and treatment of others depend on how they fit into a specific category?  Am I impressed with awards and accomplishments? 

Certainly it is good to be recognized for a job well done. We all crave that. And it is good to strive and attain something whether that is a degree, reward or a recognized accomplishment. 

But I realize that I shouldn't be overly awed by those things either.  Character and integrity of the person matters more. As much as God wants us to live in accordance with His rules and guidance for our lives, it is our hearts and our character that matter the most to Him. We should view ourselves and others in that light as well.  

Underlying the question, how would you be introduced, the question becomes, how is your character?  Would others say that you are a true friend, a confidant, of high integrity, reliable and trustworthy?  

Do you accept yourself for what you have done and not done?  If not, do you have time to “do something”?  Are there degrees or accomplishments that you want to do?  What is holding you back? 

How do you treat others?  Does an "impressive" introduction awe you?  Or do you wait and see how the person acts?  What characteristics would you want yourself and others to portray to be extraordinary ordinary folks? 

What is your introduction?